Alafdal Alshamela pool services

client came to us to increase his sale with online ads
the budget wasn’t that much but we managed to get sales
we split the ads to three channels:

  1. google adwords and google mybusiness (google map)
  2. snapchat ads
  3. instagram Influencer ads

google adwords:
designed an eye-catching landing page with products to view and sale.
launched an A/B testing at first, then free the beast with 3 different ads 2 on google adwords and one on google map,
With our intense targeting and excellent use of keywords we get a 7% conversion rate from these ads which is high in this niche with 178k impressions.
in the same time, we manage to share content on google my business (google map) and make a call to action with a phone number
( call now)
we add products on google my business, so customers can view it on google map and make calls instantly.

again A/B testing at first then make 2 ads (picture and video)
with different targeting and style we get 83K impressions.

We share designs to one of the Jeddah influencers to make brand awareness.